How Rug Colors Are Made

How Rug Colors Are Made

Carpet Dyes and How Rug Colors are Made

Antique Carpet Dyes

Carpet Dyes - Whether your taste in carpets leans towards floral patterns or more primitive tribal designs the first factor in selecting a carpet is color. It's the beauty of blending colors that creates a harmonious composition that makes Persian carpets so enchanting. Natural dyes made from natural materials, vegetable, plant or animal bases (bark, nutshells, berries and occasionally insects) produce the most luminous, warm and somber shades.

Among collectors it's widely agreed upon that synthetic...

The oldest Oriental rug ever found

The oldest Oriental rug ever found

The Pazyryk Oriental rug was discovered frozen in a tomb beneath the Siberian steppe

The Oriental rug was woven sometime in the 5th century BC and recovered almost 2,500 years later when, in 1949, Russian scientists opened one of many burial mounds in the Pazyryk valley, in the Altai mountains south of Novosibirsk.

Because the tombs, where Russia borders with China, Kazakhstan and Mongolia, were dug deep into the permafrost and covered with piles of timber and stone, the carpet and the mummified bodies of the nobles it accompanied emerged in a remarkably well preserved state.

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Club Soda - Only for Precious Oriental rugs

Club Soda -  Only for Precious Oriental rugs

Most spills are acid based. Coffee, tea, wine, salsa, juice, even pet accidents are all acidic and have the ability to set the color of the stain right into cotton, synthetic and other natural fibers. Very few fibers are acid resistant.

For an acid-based spill on carpet or upholstery, the best solution is to immediately neutralize the spot with club soda. Then don’t do anything else but to consult one of our professionals to finish the job. Once you put club soda on the spill and let it dry, it can sit there for months as long as the spot doesn’t get re-saturated. Wetting...

Why Professional Cleaning is Best for Oriental Rugs

Why Professional Cleaning is Best for Oriental Rugs

rug cleaning

Persian Oriental rugs cleaning can restore the rugs previous vivid colors and soft feel in no time. A decorative detail that is attractive and functional, rugs are usually placed in spaces that receive a lot of foot traffic, resulting in wear and staining. The range of construction materials and styles make Persian rug cleaning a task that is better suited to those that are armed with the proper tools and training. Each floor covering is different and should be treated...