April 21, 2016


Most spills are acid based. Coffee, tea, wine, salsa, juice, even pet accidents are all acidic and have the ability to set the color of the stain right into cotton, synthetic and other natural fibers. Very few fibers are acid resistant.

For an acid-based spill on carpet or upholstery, the best solution is to immediately neutralize the spot with club soda. Then don’t do anything else but to consult one of our professionals to finish the job. Once you put club soda on the spill and let it dry, it can sit there for months as long as the spot doesn’t get re-saturated. Wetting it activates the pH and makes it acidic again, bringing the stain back to life.

juice stained rug

Two common problems with non-acidic stains are ballpoint pens and nail polish. Our cleaning service experts have a 95 percent chance of removing ink as long as nothing has been done to it. If you put anything on it, even just dab it, there’s only a 5 percent chance it can be removed. We have a special solution designed for paint, oil and grease.

Why do stains reappear on carpet after they’ve been cleaned? Often when you clean a rug stain, you’re removing only the top stain from the fibers. If a liquid has penetrated the carpet backing, then a process called wicking occurs, during which the stain rises through the fibers again. (Think of a kerosene lantern wick.) This can occur within days of cleaning, so it looks like the stain has simply reappeared.

Sugary spills sometimes hold hidden secrets, too. A spilled can of Sprite or ginger ale seems innocent and manageable enough. It’s relatively clear, after all. But if it’s not completely removed from the carpet backing, the sugars will wick to the surface fibers and attract soil over time. In two weeks or a month, you could have a large, dark area where you spilled that soda.

When it comes to your heirloom rug, do not chance the integrity of your rug with a grocery store spot cleaner. It is best to call an expert rug cleaning service like Parvizian Rugs to restore your cherished rug to original splendor

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