October 1, 2019

Cannabis Drinks Expo

CBD products The time to delve into the cannabis industry is now. CBD industry is expanding at a rapid rate and finding its ways to grow larger than it was ever thought out to be. Cannabis expos play a crucial role in the overall success of the industry as they allow businesses to invest into the CBD industry and earn great profits. Cannabis Drinks Expo has become one of the most popular expos this year with its first event held in San Francisco.




Cannabis Drinks Expo

Cannabis Drinks Expo is a popular cannabis expo focused on CBD drinks that gives the global drinks industry the opportunity to come together and explore different ways to discuss legalized cannabis as well as fight back against the threats to the CBD industry’s future.

Cannabis Drinks Expo brings together drinks producers, brewers, distilleries, brand owners, and manufacturers to look at ways to benefit from cannabis legalization. The expo encourages the businesses to find, analyze, and implement ways to effectively sell their CBD products and take advantage of the new consumer goods market.


CBD products Cannabis Drinks Expo is relevant for anyone who is involved in the retailing, distribution, production, and development of all alcoholic drinks, cannabis, and CBD products. It also provides a great networking opportunity for medical experts and political analysts as well as those involved in the distribution of legalized CBD products into new markets.

2019 Cannabis Drinks Expo

This year, Cannabis Drinks Expo took place in San Francisco on July 25, 2019 and provided opportunities to the attendees at the conference to meet with and hear from the cannabis industry professionals across the country. The expo attracted a sold-out audience of avid supporters of cannabis legalization. Over 80 exhibitors filled the expo floor of the South San Francisco Conference Center and numerous attendees participated in a dual-track of panel discussions, talks, and presentations featuring some of the biggest names in the legalized CBD world.

2020 Cannabis Drinks Expo

The next Cannabis Drinks Expo event will take place on August 3, 2020 in Chicago. It will provide the global drinks industry the chance to gather and explore new, different ways to take advantage of the cannabis legalization.

CBD products If you are curious about the future direction of CBD industry, specifically cannabis drinks, CBD oil benefits, and more, then it is highly recommended that you mark your calendar so you can buy the ticket and attend this amazing expo next year. Hosted by the Beverage Trade Network, Cannabis Drinks Expo is suitable for everyone who is interested in the cannabis drinks industry, CBD oil benefits, as well as the cannabis industry in general.

The main theme of this spectacular one-day expo will be on growing your bottom line and your business. Other topics like CBD oil benefits, capturing the CBD market, taking advantage of the expanding cannabis drinks industry, etc. will also be discussed. So, if you are a brewery, distillery, or a brand owner looking for a way to enter the ever-growing U.S. cannabis market, then it is highly recommended that you consider attending Cannabis Drinks Expo. The event will provide the perfect platform for growth.

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