July 8, 2019


Antique and vintage rugs have immense value for a reason. Most of them were hand-made and a lot of people probably put in hundreds of hours into making them. It really is no surprise that they end up costing so much if you are interested in buying them. Floor coverings from the past century have an effect of adding a whole lot of character and even a way of giving a warm feeling for the ones that are in their presence. If you look at the quality and the design as well, you can get to know that each piece will cost upwards of $500 and can reach the $10,000 range as well. In places like Dubai, you can find antique rugs which have gold sewn into them. These give your home or wherever you decide to place them, a sense of luxury and extravagance that most people adore. If you are looking to buy one of these fantastic rugs and require some guidance, you have come to the appropriate place; below I have listed a whole lot of things to look for and to even consider when buying these antique rugs.

1. You should have and set realistic expectations. Before you actually commence searching for the perfect rug, it is really essential that you do not set your heart on a particular one that you may have or may not have seen on Interest or in some magazine. You have to have an open mind and also keep realistic expectations. This sort of market is very varied and always changing. Your choices and budget must also be ready for the unpredictable changes. But I am sure you will find one that you genuinely like.

2. You should keep an eye out for loose ends; literally. These are the hardest things to repair in a vintage rug. When you see that one of the edges is unraveling, you should hire someone who is an expert in this and have them fix it as soon as possible. It is indeed hard to stop if you have not done anything about it for some time. Since these rugs are expensive, a repair job would also be quite pricey.

3. You should make sure to look for hand-made signs and also in those you should make classy choices. There is surely nothing wrong with machine-made rugs, but if you buy a hand-made one, you will receive a rug that was made with intricate care and also with an artist’s touch.

4. You must always seek the best quality materials. A great rug is made with the best quality resources and nothing less.

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